Robyn's Horse Play



Establishing relationships based on trust and understanding will allow a horse to be light, balanced, gentle, and willing, in preparation for any discipline.


photo by Ann Torrez

photo by Ann Torrez

The art of riding helps us to remember to be in this very moment, aware of the rhythm of each step and every breath. It is balancing between holding on and letting go.

Learning horsemanship requires development of our own compassion, patience, awareness, forgiveness, confidence, and responsibility.  

In adopting an attitude of awareness of our own minds and bodies, we can develop compassion through our interactions with other creatures.  Horsemanship demonstrates how small actions can have significant impact.


I can help you learn to effectively communicate so that you can enjoy a responsive, capable, compliant, happy horse. 


I can thank my teachers for a lifetime of horsemanship experience through which I am able to offer skills and knowledge to my students.  For horses and riders interested in competition, or needing bodywork or diagnostics beyond my scope of practice, I can offer referrals. 

For those interested in horsemanship, but without a horse, I can help you find an appropriate horse to lease or buy.


See me in action in this 2 minute How To video

See me in action in this 2 minute How To video

I always enjoy sharing my passion for horses with riders at any level of experience.  I am confident in my ability to offer novice riders a clear understanding, and experienced riders a fresh outlook on horsemanship principles.  I look forward to sharing my love of horses with you!