My pony Magpie came to Robyn with a checkered past of misbehavior and failed homes. Robyn molded her into a solid pony citizen who is brave, confident, and careful. I was lucky enough to contact Robyn about her and by learning about me and my riding background she thought we could be a good match... we are! Because of the foundation Robyn built, I have been able to do some dressage training with her and she is showing potential to move up the levels. We recently went to our first Dressage show and Maggie was a champion show pony. We scored an amazing 70% in our Training level test and she handled all aspects of showing like a pro... with the exception of keeping her white spots white, but we are working on it! We are also working on some low jumping and she is packing little kids around for lessons and down the trails - being the patient and fabulous pony Robyn knew she could be! 

                                                                                               ~ Katrin DeAnda




“ A year and a half ago I was fortunate to meet and become a client of Robyn Spector’s.  She helped my and my horse learn the same language and really become a team.  In our case, Robyn had the challenge of schooling horse and rider with one another and independently.  She brought us together as a functional and happy unit.  

  “I have witnessed similar results observing Robyn with others.  She possesses an acute sensitivity and ability to read horses on a profound level, and to work with and train them accordingly.  She tunes into the needs, strengths and weaknesses of both horse and rider and fosters a true partnership.  If a horse needs a person or a person needs a horse, she matches the prospective parties well.”  

                                                                               ~ Jennifer Hogerman



“Four years ago, after suddenly losing my horse to colic, Robyn found another gelding for me.  Despite several issues Red had under saddle, Robyn recognized that this wasn't just another horse, he was my horse.  She had to talk me into trying him, but from the moment I first rode him, he was mine.  Robyn is gift at matching horse and rider.  She perfectly matched my ability and my horses potential.  I'm extremely thankful that Robyn found Red for me - he is a cute hunter, a great trail horse, and best of all, a good friend.” 





“Robyn did an extraordinary job of putting me together with Zee.  Over the years, I've taken lessons from Robyn, gone on trail rides with her and had her do some training rides on my horse Seguro.   She really listened to my frustrations with Seguro and to what I wanted in a horse.  What I wanted was a small white Arab gelding that I could ride alone on trail - a horse who loved to go places and who loved to GO.  in 4 or so years of knowing Robyn, she never tried to "sell" me a horse ... until the day last Spring that she called to tell me about Zee.  It took a few months to come together but I trusted Robyn's judgment enough to have Zee dropped off at my barn - sight unseen and price unknown.  Six months later, I'm loving every moment spent riding Zee.  He is everything I wanted.  And, I think, I'm just what he wanted.”    

                                                                                            ~Tina Cobb




“Robyn helped me find my wonderful horse Fred.  I emailed her when I decided I was looking for another horse and I let her know what I was looking for.  She emailed me immediately and put me in touch with the person who had Fred.  It was love at first sight and the relationship I have with Fred only continues to get better.”

                                                                                        ~ Anne Fashauer




"As well as being experienced and knowledgeable,  Robyn has an incredible sensitivity and true heart connection with horses (and humans!).  She wants to teach her students not just how to ride, but how to see what is happening inside their animals, so that the relationship between horse and rider is one of friendship and caring, and is truly collaborative."                                                                                                                                   ~Caryn Levin McCloskey



I just wanted to say thank you for seriously selling me the best horse ever.  I think he was meant for me.  Three years later and I'm still on cloud nine.  I am beyond proud of him and really don't think I would feel so great with a different horse.  Thank you, thank you, thank you, I am so glad I got such an amazing horse from such an inspiring woman ❤️

                                                                                    ~ Jessica Caldwell



Just got back from a mountain camping trip with Mandy (Sweet Mandarin).  She is such an awesome little mare.  She loves getting out on the trail.  She hauled me up and down a lot of hills, but we took breaks so she could enjoy the fresh green grass.

Early in July, Mandy participated in a fundraiser for Nevada County Sheriff's Search & Rescue.  She and I are members. This is the second year that's she's been at the fundraiser.  She and one of our K-9 search teams patiently hung out (in the shade) near the entrance to a local grocery store.  Horse and dog received lots of attention and friendly pats from kids and adults.  Last Friday, Mandy served as an ambassador for our local trails club.  She escorted Forest Service rangers and representatives from a local mountain bike club on an educational trail review.  It was very slow going, with lots of stopping and discussion, but she handled it like a champ!

Cathy Scott